What's Makes ATHENE the "Only One"

Welcome to ATHENE

ATHENE is Japan based company, specializing in ultra-fine plating processing.
We are making every effort to meet customers' demands with our advanced technology in ultra-fine plating.

What's Makes ATHENE the "Only One"?

The more density in semiconductor packages are required, the more technological innovation we introduce.
It is our ultra-fine plating, the Processing Technology, that enables us to achieve a difficult task.
We are confident of our ability to deliver solutions to the future industries.
With our technological innovation, ATHENE will strive continually to improve the electronics industry.

ATHENE's technological Innovation

Metal Masks for Circuit Printing of Semiconductor Packages
Uniform printing and film thickness control used to be a great challenge because of structral matters.
Our unique and innovative technology, however, led us to the development of the seamless "digital Screen".
Its flat finish is made through simultaneous and integral molding of an electroforming mesh and high-precision electroforming metal masks.
We are proud to offer quality printing of circuit patterns, acquiring more stability ever.
We made it prossible to print without any irregularities despite growing demands on semiconductor packages with much denser circuits.

State-of-the-Art facilities

To maintain consistent state-of-the-art facility control and quality-controled production is a must.
Our solution is to put whole plant in an exceedingly "clean" environment.
We have developed our original production facilities, which constitute the basis of our plating technology.
Our enthusiasm for technological leadership can be seen by, for instance, possession of a laser photo plotter, the world's most sophisticated model.

...And into the future

Technological progress in the electronics industry requires further innovations at a growing pace.
ATHENE would like to be the ideal partner for all our customers, and help them achieve their goals.
We are making persistant efforts to improve products by combining technologies, facilities, environment and human wisdom to meet various needs.

Corporate Goals

Sincerity: Foster trust.

Diligence: Always do best.

Efforts: Never be satisfied with the current status.

Product info

Metal masks
Our metal masks are produced by the "additive method", and they are the hallmarks of our success in the densed parts packaging industry. Products are consistently manufactured at our state-of-the-art facilities. We continue to refine screen masks to offer the world's thinnest and finest print.
Electroforming Coating Jigs
Our jigs are effective for masking products with complicated configurations.
We aim at time-saving development of the laborious multi-color coating process.
Our technology let our jigs to win the largest share in the industry.
Various media products: CD-ROM, DVD, CD-DA and Blu-ray
During the all processes from designing to distribution, our skills provide our customers innovative, quality products and services to meet customers' needs.